Technical advice for PGE El. Opole SA Tender

Ecoenergia advises PGE El. Opole S.A. in order to reduce NOxemissions.

Ecoenergia Sp. z o. o. has been invited to participate in the Tender Committee appointed by the Purchaser and the Investor. The main functions of the company is to prepare answer proposals to bidders questions, participating and advising, as an expert in the technical sphere in all matters that arise during the tendering procedure for the reduction of NOx.

Preliminary Design

Regarding the combustion of biomass for Soda Polska Ciech Sp. z o. o.

Development entitled “Guidelines for the energy modernization of Soda Polska Ciech for biomass combustion to reduce C02 emission”, was commissioned and accomplished as an alternative to the existing gas combustion system for Soda Polska Ciech Sp. z o. o. based in Inowrocław.