For almost 30 years the company has recorded significant successes in every field of activity. This is confirmed by numerous awards and medals awarded in the country and abroad, and references provided by our customers.

The burners were awarded medals by:

  • The International Jury for the World Exhibition of Invention and Innovation in Brussels,
  • Commission of the Poznań International Fair.
  • Commission of the International Exhibition of Inventions of Geneva
  • Commission of the International Trade Fair „Ideas – Inventions – New Products“ iENA of Norymberga

The company has modernized more than 60 average power boilers reducing emissions of nitrogen oxides by 50%. At many sites we have completed a comprehensive automatic control systems for the combustion process, we have installed several measurement systems to monitor emissions, modernized ash removal systems and ash transport, we designed and implemented storage, preparation, transportation and combustion installations of biomass as well as many other auxiliaries economies (compressed air, oil installations, electrical, etc.).

Referenční seznam

Kompletní referenční seznam odborných studií a modernizací provedených Ecoenergií.

Referenční seznam dodávek hořáků.


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